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South West General Meeting

Fishcare South West group General Meetings will start at 7:30pm but may change due to time of year or an activity.

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Fishcare AGM and State Conference 2016

Fishcare Victoria's 2016 conference "What's Under the Water" is to be hosted by Fishcare South West along the Warrnambool foreshore. The Fishcare AGM will start on Friday at 2pm and welcome drinks and dinner at 5pm. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP by 1st July 2016 to; Justin Harzmeyer 0427004375


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Fishcare Victoria is a community based not-for-profit organisation promoting responsible and sustainable attitudes and practices amongst recreational anglers and the wider community. Learn more about what we do...
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Our motto 'We fish. We Care.' promotes respect and responsibility for the conservation of our aquatic resources for the future. This website is a resource for you to access the latest in Fishcare news, projects, activities and products from across Victoria. Please feel free to enquire or leave suggestions through the "Contact Us" page.

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